Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ohh no.. Bhutto was killed...

This is from Reuters:
Dec. 27 - Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto is dead at the age of 54 after being subject to a gun and bomb attack at a political rally in Pakistan.

As a Western educated woman in an Islamic society, and the first female Prime Minister of a Muslim country, Bhutto forged many new paths in a turbulent political career which spanned decades.

Karen Noack reports.

Ohh this so sad I always thought she was such a brave woman to stand up the way she did for what she belived in, in a world thats hard for a woman to have such a strong voice.. she knew her life was always constantly in dangour but she still fought for what she stands for..

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Inspire Your Mind said...

It was such a shocking news..
And yes she was one of those historical figures that will stay imprinted in people's memory forever..
And yes she's physically gone, but I'm sure what she faught for will move Pakistan even more after her tragic assassination..

Lilliy said...

I know I was shocked too.. I felt my heart sink when I saw it first on The New York Times.. then I checked it on reuters.. its so sad.. she was an icon as a woman especially that she was the first woman prime minister in an islamic country...
Just sad..

The Seeker said...

I was shocked too, I even post as soon as I eard about it.
But as you say she knew she was constantly in danger, despite that she carried out her work.
I think she was a great woman, no matter her mistakes.