Saturday, December 15, 2007

Love in Sri Lanka..

I had heard that Sri Lanka is paradise to be explored.. and a romantic exotic destination to some.. seeing this video made me wonder if it is worth a visit some day..
Also there are The Maldives Islands which some couples go to for their honeymoon and it is close by... which is a dream of mine to go and see.. I love Islands and anything on a beach front.. I think its so romantic..
I have never been to the far east.. but because of my love for travel.. I would love to see a lot of it hopefully in the future..
Do you have a list of the places that you want to see before you die? What is your top ten that you haven't seen yet and hope that you would get to in your lifetime? if you tell me yours I tell you mine..

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Inspire Your Mind said...

Nice post Lilliy..

Hmmmm.. where I would like to go?

1-Maui island in Hawaii to watch the sun rise scene atop the mountains.. they say every day has it's different scene that doesn't repeat itself ! [ click on 'go Hawaii' on my blog, then chose colours of Hawaii, then click on the yellow one and enjoy the view ]
2- A repeat visit to the Volcano island and Kona village in Hawaii.. ran out of my Kona and cannot survive without it ! Beside, I need to see the 'FIRE' of mother Earth again..LOL
3- The Grand Canyons in the States ( Uttah National Park ).. having a walk in caves sound so romantic.. no ?
4- Al-Batra in Jordan.. always wanted to have a smell of those ancient days.. feels so authentic !
5- The Amazons.. very exotic.. or that's what I think !
6- Florence- Italy.. it's a huge museum and you know how mad I am about those art pieces.. something to die for !

Will tell you about the rest of my list tomorrow.. need to snooze now.. chaw chaw..

Lilliy said...

IYM... thats a really nice list..
mine I`ll write five of them and when you complete the rest of your list I will write the rest five destinations..
I will start with the far east and asia because I have never been...
1-Maldives Islands ( probably with Sri Lanka together because they are close by each other)
one of my favorite magazines ( and now website) has always been National Geographic.. I just love to see how other cultures live and to see other countries the more different they are the more exciting I think.. as long its not dangerous then I think life is more precious than adventure.. lol..

rosh said...

I've heard Sri Lanka is beautiful,, never been there, but would love's that I get 3weeks holidays every year and I go home, year after year after year, and then am like shucks man, perhaps I should have gone elsewhere :)

I'd love to visit all over Asia - I find Asian cultures (and women) quite excotic...hope to visit:

Hong Kong
New Zealand (ever since I saw lord of the rings)
South or North Pole :)