Friday, December 7, 2007

Fun Lilliy YouTube Selection The Podcast " Avian Flu " a.k.a. The Bird Flu...

I know this is not my usual " Fun " selection but because I was asked to write on my blog some info about "The Bird Flu" which has affected a lot of the birds in KSA, a lot of people had asked me to post information on it.. so I found these informative podcasts to go through ( I am a very visual person so I tend to like videos and podcasts ).. I have also gathered some articles on Fun Lilliy under the tag "Bird-Flu" or "Avian-Flu" , and I will put a concise summery on the subject with in the next few days.. for now just for you to get an idea, I am posting these clips ( by the way it was made by Vets but they included information on human infection which is why I started with part 3 first, and they did a good job on their podcast)

A very informative site with good information on The Bird Flu ( that I recommend looking at) is on which has information to non medical people, but they are thorough. This is the link:
Bird Flu on
When I looked up the WHO site and their updates on the Avian Influenza I didn't see any Confirmed Human Cases of Avian Influenza A/(H5N1) Reported to WHO in KSA in their Dec 4, 2007 report.
They had a nice video on The Global Influenza Surveillance that you can watch if you are interested.
The WHO is monitoring what is being done in KSA with regards The Bird Flu outbreak which is reported to be within birds only, no reports of any human infections. Here is the link to the article in Arabnews:
WHO Monitoring Kingdom’s Fight Against Bird Flu

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Tony said...

Hi again,
Good info here, I just stumbled this article.
It seems with more and more cases of bird flu being reported more and more people are concerned, and with cases popping up in many countries now this could eventually lead to being a serious worldwide problem.

I covered an article on bird flu just Saturday about a chinese man who caught the bird flu, the reason that particular article made the headlines is because the father also has the disease now which means there is a possibility of it spreading from human to human.
They hope not as it is possible both father and son caught it from the same source rather than each other, but have to investigate further.


Lilliy said...

Hi Tony..
welcome to my blog and thanks fro the SU.. Most of the bad cases were close contact with birds.. especially if they had infected birds they were caring for.. but its a flu still and the influenza virus gets mutated a lot.. but in KSA I haven't seen yet any human infection reports.. the Hajj season is starting that means there will people from all over the world coming and most are from Asia and Africa.. The Hajjies( pilgrims) usually stay in very close contact with in each other.. which already makes it a big season from any droplet infections mostly the flu.. hopefully there wont be any bird flu infections.. because after Hajj pilgrims leave to their own countries and that makes the possibility of them bringing in other infections from other countries..