Thursday, November 29, 2007

What is on top of Your " To Do List " List 5 !

I found this on Blogger Buzz its about blogger Sasha Cagen’s to-do list blog who also made a book out of her collection of peoples to-do list

So what is on top of your current to-do list.. write it down how ever silly it might be or not silly, write at least 5 of them.. if you write yours then I`ll write mine..

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Inspire Your Mind said...

This is fun Jovial..

I'll prepare my list then, but I don't think I'll share it in public..

Lilliy said...

Oh come on at least list some of it.. leave the very intimate out of it but please do share.. please I am very intrested in knowing..

Inspire Your Mind said...

hahahahahahah.. No love.. you don't wanna know..

Inspire Your Mind said...

What if I tell you I'm going for my eyeborws this afternoon and I'm going for laser tomorrow.. and .. I better shut up now..

Jovial ( a.k.a. Lilliy) said...

lol... thats only 2!!!!..
even if you place it anonymously.. come on.. the real to do list..
for me :
#1 Is I Have to sum up the courage to stand up for my self and look at the mirror and say its his loss I am wonderful and mean it and not remember what awfulness he said to me.. thats the first thing that comes to mind when I m placing my to do list
#2 lol... ( men cover your eyes) and yes we are not born perfect and hairless..
a very female thing that we hate to tell about... lol... wax ..
see IYM I wrote 2 now you write 3 more!!! and where is the rest of you.. come on have the courage to really speak you silly to do list I want the secreat stuff or boring works too.. write anonymously if you have to just do it.. List 5!!!

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Jovial.. Loly
So you know what's on my mind then, eh ?

OK hon, no = 3: ehm ehm.. not telling you; :P

Inspire Your Mind said...

No = 3; I think I should go shopping for cup-D now.. my estrogens are cooking me more and more ! loly

Lilliy said...

#3 for me is have to do something with my hair.. the highlights they did, they did it too blond..
see now IYM 2 more.. come on you can do it.. lol

Inspire Your Mind said...

No - 4: I have to finish working on this fucking research this weekend so I can start reading for my exams !..You can feel I'm getting all stressed out.. not as interesting as our laser stuff..
:( but it's my career and I have to work hard on it..

No-5: DONE.. I bought myself a mike.. now I can talk International on Skype for free.. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.. just sick of paying a 3-digit phone bills all the time..

This was my list for this weekend.. will prepare another one for next weekend.. :)

Joy said...

I don't do to do lists anymore, just like I don't make new year's resolutions. The reason for that is, I get more frustrated and disappointed when I can't follow the list or accomplish something that I set up for myself. It just feels like failure. So.... no more to do lists for me! :)

Lilliy said...

#4 get off my A** and try to get going with the work stuff and finish prepping my papers..
#5 get going with the wt goal..

Joy.. welcome to my blog.. I too stopped with the new years resolution and I am not really the kind of person that writes down to do lists because like you said most of the time I dont even go back to it or it just sits there and I just look at the post it with utter disappointment..

Inspire Your Mind said...

My goal is to lose 10 kg in 2 months.. and I'll do it..
I just started going to the gym today.. feel happy..
And I'll go again in a couple of hours.. need those endorphins..

Jamie said...

1. Finish my Christmas shopping.

2. Send out my holiday cards.

3. Find time to get my hair cut.

4. Run an extra mile at least once a week.

5. Survive through the holidays.

As long as I can achieve #5, I'll be okay :)

Suburbian Queen

sammo said...

The most exciting thing about to do list is the crossing after ur done it gives u some kind of satisfaction guess women things ;)

Lilliy said...

IYM.. I know you can do it.. lets but our goals together and help each other.. I want to lose wt too..

Jamie.. I know the holidays are so busy.. it takes a persons time for the whole month almost to prepare and get through till new years.. I know some people that try to even prep months in advance..

SAMMOOOO!!!! you visited me.. nice to see you here.. nice to see all of you..I know about when you cross it out.. but if you are like me I dont cross it out its very disappointing.. lol... so you ARE a to-do lister.. ha ha

Sasha said...

Oh yeah, todo lists..
who is doing the anyway? i always want to but....
oh well, i guess i still can get around without :p

rosh said...

1. Eat healthier
2. Run a lot more - i.e. find time to run a lot more & sleep better
3. Bring down those "sensitive" hormones - i.e. don't be too sensitive.
4. Stop being Mr Nice pants to all those bad folks/losers out there - stay tough :)
5. Try and show emotions in public - must realize, it's OK for men to do that :)

Oh and no:6 - which has sort of repeated over the last 7 years.........ahem! ahem!

Continue to believe in true love.....second chances exists somewhere out there :)

So there lilly, as requested! Now, I must take a cold shower and numb myself :)

Lilliy said...

lol.. Rosh.. I can almost feel how hard it was for you to say all that and admit it...
I too still even with failed relationships in my book belive in true love.. I try to even say it my self in the most difficult times.. that another morning always comes and we have to open our eyes and breath and live.. and as humans we can only thrive with being loved.. but the most important thing I learend is that we HAVE TO or I have to learn to love one self.. to be able to be there for our selves first to be then able to let others in..
ohhh.. thats my words that I repeat to my self when I have days that I cant remember that..

rosh said...

thank you hun - you are a sweetheart, gal!


Inspire Your Mind said...

Oh Rosh is saying 'hun' finally.. the curse is gone I guess :)

Lilliy said...

IYM.. what curse?.. I thought it was sweet.

Lilliy said...

IYM.. Rosh.. Sammo.. Buj.. and all other visitors have you read " The Kite Runner" the book and my post above.. are you planning on seeing the movie?

Inspire Your Mind said...

Maybe soon.. I'm swamped these days with my research..

Once I finish it.. will join Sammo for it..