Monday, November 26, 2007

4th Dubai International Film Festival!.. I wish I had the chance to see it..

So.. of-course they have to lead when it comes to Entertainment and Cultural activities.. Dubai will have DIFF a Film Festival soon during Decamber 9th till the 16th 2007.. watch the " Show Reel " that they have on their site.. Dubai is the perfect place to host such an event in the Middel East.. from " Show Reel " video it does look with out a doubt that it has the luxurious signature known to the Gulf region and particular Dubai.. because it is like the point that links between the East and West.. and a chance for the Arab Film Makers and the Arabic Cinema industry to take part and get some spot light..
As every one knows about me and from reading my blog .. I am a Big Big movies fan.. I just Love Movies.. I really wish that I will one day have the chance to attend one of Dubai`s Film Festivals..
This is also the link to YouTube CNN report about last years " Bobby " film press conference during DIFF:
"Bobby" Press Conference in Dubai Film Festival

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malika-k said...

Trust me, this year's film festival is not to be missed. They've got great films and I've been out every night glued to the screen. I'm even voting for my favorites in this Dubai First People's Choice Awards.

Lilliy said...

Hi Malika-k and welcome to my blog..
Lucky you.. :)
Hopefully I `ll be able to make it next year.. I watched the event on Dubai One and I am very impressed..
I love films and Dubai so for sure it will be very joyful for me to attend a film festival in Dubai.. its on my Agenda for next year..