Friday, November 9, 2007

The Biggest Looser the Arabic Version and Saudi Contestants

Please dont laugh at me I dont even know if these are reruns of old episodes..
Im not really the kind of woman (like most women, I think?) that follows a certain sport team or all reality shows which Ive seen running so much of on US TV ( which I have to admit, not very proudly, sometimes I get hooked up on a few).. but for some reason I cant help but when ever I come across " The Biggest Looser " the arabic version but to sit and watch.. especially when I see the Saudi contestants that are participating.. especially SALMA.. may be because she is a Saudi female and I know it might have been hard for her to take the decision to do the show coming from a saudi family background and I do salute her for doing it.. and I just love her remarks and comments they are very funny sometimes the way she passionately gets involved in the challenges to the point she starts crying.. OMG so adorable..
I also like Fahad " the male Saudi contestant" but as a female my vote goes to Salma! I hope she wins..
If your following this show who are you voting for?


Dotsson said...

I watched the US version. Man those people are really FAT... what do they eat?

Lilliy said...

It just sometimes attributes to bad eating habits since they are kids.. genes.. eating out all the time.. Junk Food.. and No physical activity what so ever.. Its hard on them too to be obese.. but somehow they cant control their cravings.. im glad there is a show like this though, because it shows people who have that problem that it can be done.. its not impossible like they imagine.