Monday, November 19, 2007

Mark your calender " Kalam Nawam " Topic on " The Discussion about Medical Students in KSU not to train on a patient from the opposite gender!!!"

Now this is something for sure I `ll watch because frankly I didn't know about it... and Im glad I studied when that question didn't apply..
according to next weeks show listing it said on MBC dot netthis"سيدات نواعم"
"سيدات نواعم" يناقشن تحريم التدريب السعودي على الجنس الآخر
وفي الحلقة ذاتها - التي تبث مساء الأحد 25 نوفمبر في تمام الساعة 9.30 بتوقيت السعودية ( 6.30 مساء بتوقيت غرينتش) - يناقش البرنامج موضوع الفتوى التي حرمت على طلاب الطب في "جامعة الملك سعود بالسعودية من مزاولة التدريب المهني على الجنس الآخر بحسب جنس كل طبيب .

I would be really interested in this discussion and also what do you think about that? would you go to such a doctor if you knew this was his/her training in Medical school..
How can we be complete Medical Doctors and expect to be accredited internationally if this will be the case when you are training in this Medical School.. I dont know if that rule has been applied yet but honestly?
it will be next Sun 25 nov 9:30p.m. KSA time on MBC 1

Added: I saw the show and I was very disappointed by the way they handled their discussions.. their train of thoughts was very disorganized.. Thumb Down..


Inspire Your Mind said...

OMG lilliy.. is that what wil happen next in KSA ? this is sickening.. you shouldn't allow it.. honestly.
The first thing that we learned back in the old days of attending our medical school is to 'desexualize' ourselves; ie, to forget all about gender differences between us and our patients and to focus mainly on patient care. How on earth you are supposed to learn your profession with such a rule that doesn't make any sense to any human mind ? This is beyond any decency to tell you the truth.. unbelievable !
I remember the patient I was asked to examine during my general surgery end-of-rotation exam was a male who had an inguinal hernia and I had to do a full genital exam on him; and that was the only way I would learn how to recognize and diagnose such conditions.
Honestly, they are demoralizing our profession by asking for such a restriction. Hello, we are under owth after all. You guys shouldn't allow it.. you simply should not.

rosh said...

Keeping aside the cultural aspect -sadly, would these people be considered "doctors" in it's true sense? Is it not terribly limiting never to have exposure of the opposite sex as patients? i.e. aren't male and female bodies completely different?

Lilliy said...

IYM.. I know imagine how I felt when I read it.. KSU University is in Riyadh.. even though I am a woman I was always taught mostly by our male teachers in all kinds of specialties and they were excellent teachers and part of our training is to not see Gender on even Religion of a person when we are training to only see Patients because a MD`s job is to treat who ever is in-front of you seeking your help and part of the training is to learn how to deal as a doctor with the other gender because its embarrassing at first till you get used to it and pick up how to deal with them as patients and thats more so in a society that separates between genders.. so how can that be done if we dont become trained in Both Genders illnesses..

Rosh.. it is very limiting because even in our medical books.. we dont have Male or Female only picture medical books.. the other thing is culturally before, there was a time when there wasnt any female doctors in any speciality.. I am glad there is now in all fields but still after graduating graduates work in hospitals and takes shifts alone and sometimes there isn't another male doctor or its a junior still not experienced so what will happen then the female doctor will refuse to see a patient if he is a male patient ( dying maybe )because she was never trained to examine a male patient and vice versa.. Its not a complete training at all..
on-top of it you are given a certificate that says you are trained as an MD that is suppose to be internationally recognized, how can it be if its not a complete training..