Sunday, November 11, 2007

What do you think about Oprah on YouYube? and where is our own " Oprah " ?

I saw This " Oprah on Youtube " a week ago on YouTube while I was browsing.. actually it was advertised on YouTube home page.. I have a Like / Hate relationship with Oprah.. I agree that the topics she raises are important and she tackles all sorts of issues which is good.. and I hope to see something like that some day in our TV media.. that is also well produced and the way its directed its also nice on the eye.. so that also the content and the anticipation on the topics catches the viewers attention.. Im sorry but till now I have yet to be impressed ( with the exception of Turki Al-Dakhil his weekly program "Idhaat" on Al-Arabiya TV which is amazing but do I see a hint of Larry King`s show background?) Im talking about women presenters that tackles women issues or intrests.. I have been waiting since I came to see " Kalam Nawam" on MBC tonight for the first time and I hope I will not be disappointed.. Im looking forward to seeing the saudi presenter in particular ( if she is still there) .. and the issues that is tackled on the ' The view " arabic version which I really hope its NOT an imitation of it because first I dont like "The View " and second I want our own talent I want to see creativity not imitation.
I m gone away from my point.. after I saw that clip on YouTube which Im a big fan of.. because I like to think of it, its the place for the "PEOPLE" NOT "The MEDIA" but lately I have been seeing Movie trailers placed there by the producers and some shows.. slowly they are sneaking in to YouTube.. But now Oprah? What? WHY? she doesn't need to.. because in US and Canada she is literarily EVERYWHERE! even on her magazine she always has her picture on it.. never anyone else.. as I said I have a Like/ hate relationship with her.. but honestly Why is she on YouTube ?


Inspire Your Mind said...

Clearly Lilliy Oprah is still a self-deficient attention seeker; that's my only explanation for her sneeking in every corner of media/ life..
I agree with you: what is she doing on You-Tube ?

As for 'Kalam Nawaem'; I've been watching the show for a while now; I have it here on ART-America. I like the topics being raised; your Saudi fellow is a bit on the conservative side (but that's her own personal choice); but she raises important issues pertinent to human-rights in KSA; so thumbs up to her. I like what Dr.Fawzeya has to say about sensitive issues. Farah Bissisooh is a beauty queen that you enjoy watching how feminine she looks; but who really manages to irritate me is Bargooth not for any specific reason but there is this vibe about her that I don't like; but this is again my own personal taste. I like their show very much overall .. good job

rosh said...

Oprah can very much "Yawn" away to sleep - and still have all those American soccer moms, go "ooooooooooooooo"!

I don't know what sorta spell Oprah has with American women and most men - but she talks the talk and walks the talk too, these days :)

Oh well, atleast she's giving out pleasant thoughts, traits and hopes - unlike the current administration.

Lilliy said...

IYM... I know!!! honestly she said that it will be her own videos that she will take with her camera.. but this WAS NOT HER OWN CAMERA VIDEO! its been edited profficinally..

Rosh.. lol... yes its true I had worked with a colleague of mine and she quoted Oprah all the way and would not hear any criticism of her.. as I said I like some of the issues that she presents and how she pushes the envelop.. but there is something about her need to be EVERYWHERE that really irritates me..