Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Hike

I have been following SupaDupaFlyGirl YouTube videoblogs for a while now and I happen to find her amusing and funny.. so down to earth and not shy to express her self freely ..
But I have to say that I envy her a bit.. because she is able to express her self this way and share it with the world.. even if sometimes its silly ( she says-that about some of her own posts her self) as you saw in my blog that I like to share my photos and videos but I dont place any people neither myself nor my friends or family because even though I really dont mind Im still a women, and my family and I live with this society that everything to them has to be privet especially concerning a female.. I know things are changing just yesterday I was watching " The Biggest looser " the arabic version, and Im sure there are a lot of people in Saudi that are criticizing the saudi female in the group which I find her cute and good for her, but still we have a long way to go..I am a medical doctor and I have plans to go out personally in the media at some point because I feel I have a role to educate people about health but I still cant express my self on a personal level even if its just a personal blog ... Not the way I would like..
So I really envy her ability to freely experise her self..


Carol said...


I also enjoy watching the arabic version of the "biggest loser" and so happy that Saudis are participating. I realize there are the stigmas attached in a Saudi woman participating given the cultural traditions that women should be more behind the scenes. However like so many places these days, Saudi has a problem with obesity and I am happy that there are Saudi nationals on this show demonstrating to others that they too can change and it is good and necessary to educate!

And although I am not Saudi I am in many ways conservative and feel the same about not displaying personal pictures of myself or family members (other than the feline kind) on my blog.

American Bedu

Lilliy said...

Hello Carol,
I have to say that it is nice to see you here on my blog..
I have been becoming more of a fan to your blog and your views regarding life in Saudi Arabia.. I can feel the enthusiasm regarding your new life in Saudi and you give a refreshing look to things that have become a routine to us to the point that we might not see it anymore.. It reminds me to when I first went to Canada how everything looked new to me and I wanted to get much of the experience of it as I can..
Regarding my view on expressing one self.. I respect conservatism if its a persons own choice.. and most saudis are on the conservative side.. but there are families and individules that are not especially may be in Hijaz.. but still they live with the Majority and majority always rules.. thats understandable.. but what if you want to choose to share some side of you not just on the professional side and show different faces of Saudi?
I am a privet person and protective regarding my family and friends..and Im not saying I want to put my privet family photos and videos out there.. but sometimes you want to show and share certain situations.. that I think can give more insight to the outside on what are the different faces of Saudi..on a social and cultural level..
My blog doesn't have a certain message I want to get across.. its more of a personal blog regarding what I find interesting in life, what views I like to share with my friends and fellow bloggers, and topics in the media that I find its important to me to talk about I guess mostly women issues..
its like having a cup of coffee with all of you.. and enjoying your company..