Sunday, November 4, 2007

King Tut's face " very facinating now we can not just imagine but also see"

I always find Ancient Egypt and The Pharos interesting.. so now we know how king Tut`s face looks like..
this is the Link to the article:

King Tut's face unveiled to world
"The face of Egypt's most famous ancient ruler, King Tutankhamun, has been put on public display for the first time."
"Tutankhamun ruled Egypt from 1333-1324 BC and is believed to have ascended to the throne aged about nine.

Although in life he was of only moderate historical significance, in death Tutankhamun achieved worldwide fame thanks to the virtually intact state of his tomb when it was opened by Carter in 1922."
"Questions over why Tutankhamun died at about the age of 19, and rumours of a curse prematurely killing those involved with the excavation of his tomb, have only increased the pharaoh's fame.

When the body was x-rayed in 1968, a shard of bone was found in his skull, prompting speculation that he was killed by a blow."

There is also a video with the article that is very nicely presented... check it out!

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