Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fun Lilliy Weekend Woman Delight ( Men you can try it too get in touch with your feminine side)

I always from time to time when I am overwhelmed by work or life .. I try to make a whole day just for me where I just concentrate on my self and my enjoyments.. I try to break the routine.. usually I choose a whole weekend day to do it... that day I dont think about work or troubles.. I think about me and what makes me happy and work on some things to learn or relax.. usually after a day like that I reboot and feel much more energized to deal with the stress in life.. so here some ideas for the women and some of it also works for the men, so please try it too....

#1 GOOD Night Sleep
So start with getting a good night sleep the night before..
- Turn off the alarm and the phone at night so you are not bothered ..
- Have a nice chamomile tea
- Place a candle light something like plain tea candles available at any IKEA or even a scented candle from The Body Shop or Aveda..
- Rub on some calming message oil I recommend Aveda Personal blends message formula which you can mix your own blend or any Lavender base Message oil or cream from your favorite products..

#2 GOOD Breakfast
- Dont rush out to go out today make time and prep something for your self and enjoy it in your PJ`s with your cup of coffee or tea in your favorite Mug and sit back and enjoy it ..
- Here is a suggestion if you like fruits and oats taken from its guilt free you will enjoy that you are eating something really good for you..

Apple-Cinnamon Compote With Toasted Oats

Choose the best buy of the day for your fruit compote, be it peaches, nectarines or apples.
( Note: I add to my oatmeal sometimes my favorite dry fruits or nuts too it keeps you feeling full for a while too )


1/3 cup rolled oats (not instant)
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup packed light brown sugar
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
4 McIntosh apples, peeled, cored and sliced into 8 wedges each
1/3 cup raisins


Preheat oven to 350F.

Spread oats on a baking sheet. Bake 8-10 minutes, until golden, shaking the pan halfway through cooking to promote even toasting; set aside.

Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, combine water, sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon. Set pan over medium heat and simmer 5 minutes, stirring occasionally with a wire whisk. Add apple slices and raisins, cover and simmer 5 minutes, until apples are tender. Spoon compote into four individual bowls; top with toasted oats.

(Serves: 4 (1 cup = 1 serving), Prep Time: 5 min. Cook Time: 10 min. Nutrition Score per serving: Calories 205 % Fat 4g Fat<1 (0 g saturated) % Carbs 93g Carbs47.5 % Protein 3g Protein 1.6 g Fiber 4mg Sodium n/a % Calcium n/a g Calcium n/a)

#3 Fashion is fun for me but read or look up whatever interest you and enjoy just dont read the news its suppose to be a fun day no sad news
Style is important for me and I look at it as part of taking care of my self...

I thought this was interesting it was made in The Great Wall of China

Anna Sui to me is a fun designer I like some of her pieces:

# 4 Plan something calming to do
-If the weather permits go outside for a while and walk around
-if not then choose something indoors a museum or window shopping dont shop because you want to do something calming
-if you dont feel like going outside then do yoga or pilate

This is Yoga for Beginners with Tara Stiles

#5 Enjoy your favorite Music and Dance around and just Celebrate Your Self

Timbaland - The Way I Are OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

I hope you enjoy my selection on what I like to do sometimes when I get overwhelmed and need time just to think about my self and reboot...

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Inspire Your Mind said...

Oh la la Jovial.. just what I need these days..

I have all massage products.. I need someone to use them for me though, ie.. someone to rub my stiff shoulders and back.. loly

Time for Spa Diva I guess

Lilliy said...

I am sure you have all the Massage products and bubble baths.. your house I dont know how you can study in its sooo soothing.. I should have placed that on something calming to do.. Go to IYM apartment.. lol

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Jovial..

I got desensitized to my apartment now.. so used to it..

I was even thinking of making it ' more relaxing.. more soothing'..
And yes you're right, I just fall asleep after reading 2 paragraphs !

rosh said...

Thanks for this lilly - hmmmmmmmm I don't know if men really need to do the candle light and "oil" scene :) lol.

However, all else seems pretty relaxing and naturally calming....especially that apple-cinnamon thing you got going there....hmmm food and cooking, interesting....i want to try that tomorrow, for sure. I can't do window shopping lilly....i am a shopaholic, very bad shopaholic :)

Thanks for these - I do need to relax and rewind, work was so intense this year, and the past two weeks was intense as well.

How on earth do you learn to cook so well? To me, anyone who can cook is simply a genius :)

rosh said...

lilly - I LOVE this song. It's relaxing, fun, and I am dancing in my PJ's as am typing this message -whoaaaa, it's kewl!

Lilliy said...

Rosh.. I am glad you like it.. I had to learn to cook especially after I came to canada I am used to home cooking and my mom always cooked lots of healthy food.. so I just couldn't live on home delivery and junk food.. and before I was in Saskatchewan ( The middle of now where) most of the time there was not much to do so I had the and HGTV where my favorite channels.. and Negela Lawson ( a British cook) made cooking look really cool and sexy.. so I tried to learn some things and most of the times its enjoyable and and relaxing.. when your doing it for the fun of it.. of-course when your also cooking for someone else its even more rewarding..
Oh yes I love this song too.. Timbaland duets are usually really nice.. it has some humor in it always..

Lilliy said...

Hay rosh whats your top 5 to do list?

BuJ said...

ooooh, i like the food one.. i waste so much time to make food, it would be great to have someone make good food for u.. and i'll give something else in return.. something men are good in doing.. i dunno.. like driving? maybe? or other acts of virility :P

Lilliy said...

Buj.. :P one day we will prove somehow that the stigma that we dont drive well becomes gone.. yehh I knwo I am dreaming..

BuJ said...

Lol.. lilly.. it depends what you mean by "drive well".. i think that men in general have better hand-eye coordination and the ability to judge speeds and distances compared to women.. but that does not always lead to men being different drivers.. not in the eyes of insurance companies at least..

however, i guess a place to start is changing the stereotype that women can't park, which i think is more valid than the driving one in general :)

rosh said...

lilly "honey" - my dear dear mom, (and her kitty party set of friends) has a driver's licence for the past 30+ years. The number of times my mom drove from SHJ to DXB - SIX! :)

The number of times, she has driven above 80Kms/hr - ZERO! :)

I don't know what is the deal with most women - they seem unable to drive after it's get dark......something happens to 'em?

Anyhooooo - I am one of MCP's who blame women for most of the accidents : ) : ) :) :):) :)

rosh said...

Oh BuJ - female, parking issues - please let's not even go there tsk tsk :)

My sis in law drives into DCC and has my twin park her car :)

(lilly - pse read my comments in context of mere partyliners i.e. with an amount of humour and well, some truth :)

rosh said...

Before anyone asks the question - for the record, may I say, I've had mere 7 "accidents", whilst 5 years of driving in the UAE.

One person (a motorbike dude) was sent to hospital (I swear I did not see him). Of the remaining 6 "accidents" - the 1st & 4th, involved trash cans. Beside the trash cans & the bike dude, all others involved women

Wots that you say? - am prejudiced? hell - no way.