Saturday, November 17, 2007

mission:fashion07 on LBC... Havent they heard about Anorexia Nervosa killing Models!!

I was watching yesterday Mission:Fashion 07 ( who puts on an entertaining show ) on the LBC channel and when they were commenting on some of the models.. who actually got the highest marks on there evaluations and are healthy thin they commented " She didn't loss the weight she was asked to loss" and " she lost the weight she was asked to loss" ..
Hello what is that?..
I was looking at those models they looked great.. Haven't they heard about Anorexia Nervosa which in some countries they are actually fighting the Fashion industry against promotion of excessive weight loss because so many young girls and especially models are dying from Anorexia Nervosa which is a killing disease.. and isn't part of the Arabic Woman appeal is her curves..
Why are we always promoting things that the west have learnt of its harm and are trying to fix it, and thats when we take it and promote the harmful part. Why cant we learn from there mistakes..
This reminds me of sunbathing.. it was started as a big trend in Jeddah just when everywhere in the world they were advertising sun-protection and sun-blocks to prevent skin cancer and premature aging..
A healthy weight is required not Obesity not Anorexia Please!

To prove that Twiggy is out I found this on The Tyra Banks Show:


Dotsson said...

No one likes a thin twig. Hail to the Arabian woman's lickable curves.

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Jovial..
I'm happy and content with my exagerated curves.. ;)
BTW, both anorexics and morbidly obese women stop ovulating and menstruating at one point and so their body goes basically into premature menopause kind of state ! Simply, they loose their feminity.. no hormones any more !

rosh said...

All said - girls, I gurantee you, no man, and I mean no man (gay or strt) fancy anorexic women.

Please, this song "baby got back", wasn't a hit for nuffin :)

Lilliy said...

I know I never heard any man saying that they like excessively thin women on the other hand they say twigs are not feminine.. Thats why till now they talk about Marilyn Monroe and Elizibeth Taylor.