Monday, November 12, 2007

" Kalam Nawaem " .. am I disappointed or am I impressed?

So finally I saw " Kalam Nawaem "
I had written the date and time down.. and when the time approached .. I prepared my salad.. to sit and watch it while I was eating.. and I came up to the main TV sitting room at the precise time only to find my sisters have settled in and placed a movie to watch... so I said " I have a show to see " then my sister said " why to watch or to criticize? " so I laughed because by now my sisters know me well and I said " to criticize.." that got me thinking.. why did I want to set my mind only to criticism?.. I guess because I have been disappointed in the arabic shows that are made for arabic women by the way they tackle the issues that concern us .. I wanted to see something that is modern, creative not imitative, intelligent with the arabic stamp on it ( the good stamp) that is nicely produced and directed.. Soo do you think I found it? and do I give it the thumbs up ? or down? ..
First I`ll say what my likes and dislikes.
The title was creative.. leaks of arabic femininity..
The presenters, I like that they come form different parts of the arab world, it gives it a good mix to appeal to many arabic women ( I didn't see the Saudi presenter Muna Abu Suleiman during this episode hopefully next time ) I myself have always been a fan of Dr. Fawziah Salamah and Rania Barghoot.
Dr. Fawziah Salamah has been an icon in the arabic magazine " Sayedaty " and I have read for her since I was a teenager, so I liked her. Even the issue that she choose to discuss on this show " The Disabled and Handicapped in The Arab World " is a good topic, but they should have been given extra time to the specialist who came on, more than the time they gave the singer Yara because the issue he was talking about was more important, and I would have liked to see the info and contact info being available to the viewers, what are the resources available ? where? during the show..
Rania Barghoot has been in MBC since it creation from the beginning, always enjoyed the way she presents and how she captures the viewers attention, that talent is still there..
The actress Farah Bseiso, she was praising more than talking. I still dont have an opinion of her.. including the other lady ( which I dont even know who she was ).
The topics and segments presented had a good mixture between entertainment and important issues to some point, but I would like to see more than this .. Sometimes the show had a slow pace especially during the interviews and the MCQ part ( what was that?) they gave to the singer Yara.. Her interview had repetitive expected questions ( boring) with expected answers.. they need to push the envelope..
The delivery and presentation of the show was nicely made.. I would have liked to see the reaction and involvement of the guests that are attending the show..
Im glad to see that its not the exact replica of "The View " but yet to see more lively discussions ... Its too soon to really judge on it as a whole.. I have heard good things about it form educated women ( also in the media but sometimes you never know when its just advertisment or just because its the first show like " The View " in Arab TV as support )..
For now overall I give it the thumbs up and I will watch it again...
Added: by the way I didn't like the makeup artist .. the trend to make the color of the lipstick exactly like the color of the purple blouses has been out for a long while now.. and even to try to exactly match the eye shadows too.. bad!


Inspire Your Mind said...

LoL Lilliy.. I like your comment on the makeup part.. I hate it when it doesn't have an artistic touch to it !
I've already posted my comment on this show on Oprah's post.. check it out..
But overall, thumbs up for 'kalam Nawaem'..
Do you watch 'Halah Sar7an's' show on ART ?
BTW, I heard Halah Sar7an got attacked and injured badly and that she's in the ICU having a major bleed (? genital).. I hope she's still alive !

Lilliy said...

What ? that is horrible.. No I never seen her show.. what was is about?
Im still getting used to life back here again.. I always seen and still follow most of the talk shows on US TV these days I really like The Tyra Banks Show.. because she is Youngish, Stylish ( being and Ex Model and all) but also the issues that she might present appeals to the younger generation too.. and she is fun and crazy sometimes .. good crazy.. thats one of my favorites.. Now Im trying to get to know whats worth seeing here.. but I do compare them to the US shows because for me to watch them they have to be as good and we should have as good shows..
Yes I saw your comment on my post on Oprah, Thanks sweetie..

Inspire Your Mind said...

Halah Sar7an tackles such sensitive issues like virginity, sexuality and witch-crafting.. etc. She would run the show with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, doctors, religious scholars and sociologists..etc.
7aram Wallah what happened to her.. I hope she survives the insult !