Wednesday, November 7, 2007

After being soo busy for a while.. now I have more time to blog actively..

So I have certain plans to what topics Im planning on posting on the blog...
after all the traveling I have done recently..
First I want to finish editing my travel pictures and some of the videos I took in Italy, now that Spain pics and podcasts are done and posted on DRLILLIY so its ready to share with all of you :) ..
Im also working on my dermatology website that Im planning on lunching soon and Im planning to have active podcasts by me but Im still working on my first topic to present and still getting to know what products are available in saudi to suggest.
Im still thinking about what topics I want to post on my blog.. which Im planning soon to switch all to my DRLILLIY site.. and maybe just keep this blog only for my YouTube selections and chat box..
But I feel I haven't settled yet.. but Im getting there..

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