Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun Lilliy Yoga Choices for the week

So in an attempt to calm down my life and because I was trying to put an effort to take care of my self and make time to concentrate on me..
I wanted to change my exercise routine and look into Yoga ( also to join the efforts of my friends IYM and Sammo who have started yoga classes without me :P )
Since you can find everything in the net.. ha ha... including Yoga of-course ( there are some exercise on YouTube, Google Video and Shape dot com are some examples )
This was most interesting and I will try it out .. Yoga for menstruating and PMSing women!!! is this the solution to end all of our fights, endless tears, and crying for no reason.. maybe.. even though I cant see me doing yoga when I am angry ( like saying in the middle of the fight.. look I have to go do some yoga now.. ohhmmm...) because during those times I think deep inside I want to be angry..... but I will try.. So if you would like to try it out too then do but as they say " please consult your doctor before doing so .. and the rule is.. if it hurts stop! and do it at your own risk "
So here goes...
An Introduction to Yoga for Menstruating Women

Added: I have removed the actual video and placed the link because every time I open my blog it starts running on its own.. so if you want to try this Yoga session ( which I really liked ) then just click on the link above.

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Inspire Your Mind said...

I haven't joined Sammo yet for Yoga classes .. I think I'll join her this Friday.. :)
It helps big time I have to say.. but again, the initiative for healing and enjoying every aspect of yourself and of life should come from within..
And above all, don't let anything put you down. I guess easier said than done !

rosh said...

Don't mean to sound like pessimistic paul - but does this "really" help? If so, perhaps I must give it a go?

Lilliy said...

lol... I trried it and I thik Yoga does help to calm one down and relax.. especially you do it at night.. I had a video before that said candel light Yoga and it was nice at night..
Rosh...You should try it especially just start with like a 15 min and something easy...
I also bought one on itunes called "Tribal Yoga 1" from Nike for 30 min which you can carry around on your iPod and do it even as you travel...
There is lots of options on the net too.. Ill post some at some point..

rosh said...

thanks - I shall seriously consider. i need to calm down big time these days :)