Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun Lilliy YouTube Wed Night Selection The Movie "Sleepless in Seattle"

This is the whole movie on this player in parts.. so if you want to see it on your desk you can..

Girls if you are looking for a nice feel good Chick Flick ( they even make fun of chick flicks in this movie in part 8 of the playlist).. This is one of my recommendations for a nice DVD Girls Night In with Pop corn and a long nice drink on the couch.. especially when there is a snow storm.. or ha-ha.. a sand storm depends wheres your location on google map.. :)

Guys this is also for you if you had a fight with your girl and you want to make it up for her and get her mind of what you've done.. she will be in the mood for a hug afterwards and ahhhhh.... believe me you`ll thank me..

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Brad said...

Theres ALOT of videoes here. I plan to watch a couple!

Cool blog you got going!

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