Saturday, November 17, 2007

" Lead in Lipstick " on ABC news and The New York Times...

This is the link to ABC news video report:
Lead in Lipstick
" Levels of lead have been detected in randomly selected samples of lipsticks.

And I have read it before in The New York Times in this article:
The Claim: Some Red Lipstick Brands Contain High Lead Levels

"The list of products that were tested in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Study, along with the full report, are available online at "

I truly think the report is worth taking a look at.. because there is a warning especially for pregnant women..

This is a post on YouTube By "Dr. Evelyn A. Mauss, a leading figure in the exploration of the dangers of lead poisoning, physiologist at New York University and consultant to the Natural Resources Defense Council, explains how lead came to be widely used in various products -- from paint to plumbing --its toll in illness and death, and what must still be done to eliminate this threat to public health."

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