Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On This Day in History November 20 " 1947: Queen Elizabeth II marries Prince Phillip"

60 years side by side through all those troubling times the good and the bad..

This is the CBS news video report Link
Queen's Diamond Anniversary
Its so sweet they are going to Malta to celebrate their Anniversary..

also this is the link to BBC world news YouTube Channel ( sorry cant embed it )
Queen celebrates anniversary

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rosh said...

Marriage is a lot of things - love, respect and perhaps to a larger magnitude - compromise for a better tomorrow, together.

I have a lot of respect to souls, who stick it thru thick & thin - moreso, for the vows they've taken in presence of god. Blessed are people who have sustainable marriages, even more blessed are those who've got the ability to nurture their marriage thru the test of time.

Lilliy said...

Yes I find that these days the meaning of Marriage has been changed to some for Better but Not for worse.. " Ill walk out when its for worse I dont need that in my life " I dont understand where did the values of marriage go that I see in my parents who struggled to keep it together and the thought of quitting when it was tough didn't even occur to them where as now.. a slight kink in the Relationship people walk out without the slightest regret or even a simple look back.. where did the old values go?

rosh said...

True lilly - where did the older generation values go? Where did the love and understanding they once shared go? Nothing in this world is a bed of roses - with loves comes dislike - with affection, comes need to be less affectionate.

Sometimes, everyone may not be blessed with a proper marriage, some may have taken the step with best beliefs and hopes, perhaps not the idealistic ones. Such marriages may dissolve even though given much effort and understandably so.

However, just seeing more than a few friends dissolve marriage and reasons behind it - makes me think, do people today, truly "understand" what marriage is all about?